Thursday, September 23, 2010

Michigan Trip, Day One

Here is the first day of our trip, in photos and video.

G's Lego people kept him occupied for much of the ride from Georgia to Ohio.

We stopped in Lexington to visit with my high school friend Erica, whom I haven't seen in over 18 years, and her beautiful kids.
Tony, Debbie, Grandpa Kranz, Chip, me, and Matt before the big game.
The Chipster at Michigan Stadium.
The marching band takes the field.  We were very excited.

One of our proudest moments:  G cheering for our team.


Student section.

Halftime show:  a tribute to Lady Gaga.
An appropriate formation.
Our first Michigan game as a family - in fact, the first one Matt and I have attended together, surprisingly.

Denard gets the ball.

And hands it off...  or is it a fake?

Cute Michigan fan.

Final score.