Friday, February 3, 2012

Eggplant Parmesan Baby?

As our due date is this weekend, we decided to revisit Scalini's, the restaurant with the eggplant parmesan famous for inducing labor.  We have only been here once before, three days before G was induced.  It clearly didn't work then, but we wanted to give it another try.  We had completely forgotten how delicious the food was and what a cool atmosphere the restaurant has, and we had a great time, no matter whether it actually works.  Here is our outing in photos:

Going in - hoping our stomachs are ready!

His best coloring yet, and some delicious spaghetti.

Very tasty chicken francaise.

Ta-da!  THE eggplant parmesan.

That is one huge dish.  No way can I finish that!

I started thinking that every bite brings us closer to our baby, and pure willpower took over.

Not a bit of eggplant left.

Now we just wait!

One of the walls of Scalini's babies.  Will we add our photo?

That was a super fun dinner!

Recreating the photo we took seven and a half years ago, when this little one was in my tummy.