Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Family Fun Day, Pre-Christmas Edition

Yesterday Matt took the day off of work so the three of us could have a little wintery-wonderlandy fun. The first stop was that great granite massif in the East, Stone Mountain. Which, we found, is mostly closed for the winter on weekdays. We still were able to walk around and take the skytram up to the top of the mountain.

After our quick jaunt to Stone Mountain we went into "our city" (as G calls it) and stopped at Atlantic Station. We didn't exactly mean to spend most of the entire day there, although to be fair we didn't exactly know what we were going to do once we got there. We enjoyed walking around to the shops and seeing the sights again, and G really loved running around the "Central Park" area. We took the opportunity to stop at Ikea so that Chip could reaquaint himself with Smalland (which he had mostly to himself) and we could wander around furnishing our imaginary condo in the city in our heads. G was surprised to see that we got him an alien mask and after he opened it there was nothing we could do to get it off of his head. Then we realized it was time for the "snow" to fall at Central Park. We remembered how much G loved it last year and hustled over to check it out. Naturally G made a lot of friends while we were waiting and we all had a blast throwing foamy "snowballs" at each other. I think M got the worst of it.

While at Atlantic Station, G got his very first article of clothing from H&M (super-skinny jeans with a wallet and chain... what? yeah, that's right!) and is now the hippest pre-K kid in his class




We finished it off with a quick bite for dinner at Moe's and then headed for home. The Chipster was so tired that he didn't even object when we suggested splitting up his bedtime story into two installments. It was a really wonderful day.

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Yesterday wasn't all fun and games, though, as Chip the model will show you below. Patty finished a hat bound for North Carolina and it looks great!

Snow In Georgia!

Atlantic Station has snowfall each night of the holiday season. Here's the scene last night:

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