Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Never A Dull Moment

Some photos from recent days. First, Batman came to G's friend Derek's birthday party. He played with all the kids and demonstrated to G his Bat-Strength!

Last weekend, "Aunt" Nancy came to visit. We had to best time ever. She and I spent time alone together for the first or second time (that is under debate) in about 15 years! I think we were due, don't you? Anyhow, she made sure to spend quality time with the Chipster and Matty, too. We took a rare summer hiking trip to Fort Mountain State Park and enjoyed the mysterious stone wall and the incredible view.

A while back, I put a comment on the Facebook page of a public radio show I like about the Peachtree Road Race. The race is the world's largest 10K, with 55,000 runners each year, so it's a big deal in the Atlanta area each July Fourth. Someone asked whether I would be willing to write a commentary, a "Radio Story" as they call them, for WABE. I went yesterday to record, and it will air this Friday on the City Cafe program, and possible again on Morning Edition. We met a couple of the radio personalities - Dennis O'Hare and Odette Yusef - and toured the radio and television studios there. It was a fascinating experience.

Last night, G received his first birthday present from his great-grandma Angle. It is the COOLEST robot magnet play set! We were fighting over who got to make the robots last night. Thanks, Great-Grandma!