Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Digs For Ush

Today, we finally finished our Christmas puzzle! Woohoo! It took two months and lots of help from Skye and Lisa, but it's done, and now we can look forward to the puzzle we bought for Christmas 2009.

Here are more photos of our puzzle research from earlier. Now we just have to make a map of the pieces and create a template, match the pieces to find the size and shape, and, oh, forget it.

But the most exciting thing we did today (even though my mom's chicken and dumplings were pretty exciting) was to give Ushi a new home. Check this baby out! It's five levels of fun and luxury, and we've buried a tunnel under the bedding that he loves to explore. As soon as we installed it, he sniffed out the carrot in the petting station at the top and ran all the way up to get it. He loves it!

Piecing It All Together

Lisa and Mark were researching how many different jigsaw piece patterns there were at each jigsaw puzzle company.  We just happened to complete two Planet Earth puzzles today and discovered that they have the same piece shapes in the same places!  So Lisa's idea of making a piece template and matching up the shapes would totally work.  It would miss the point of the puzzle, but it would still be interesting!