Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day 2009!

We've had a great time celebrating Valentine's Day this year. G had a fun party at school, and then we also celebrated with a group of friends in the Hobby Town USA kids' section. Today, we laid low for most of the day. G went to his Kelly grandparents' house for the afternoon while Mommy and Daddy shopped (romantic, right?). We picked up some Chinese food from Li's Asian Cuisine and ate it at home.

Our most important present was the gift of lounging around most of the day, but the boys gave P a massage gift card for our salon, we gave M tickets to see David Sedaris live, and we gave G Hug Time and some Ben 10 Alien Force action figures.

Some notes on the photos: Matt's present came as a David Sedaris photo jigsaw puzzle, with the pieces stuck into rooster placecard holders. We thought it was pretty amazing that G and Daddy picked out the exact same kind of card for Mommy, as G and Mommy picked out for Daddy.

As part of our shopping, we bought a new floor register for the family room. The melted crayon incident is still evident in the carpet surrounding the grate, but look at what a difference the new one makes!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! May you all find love in the most expected and unexpected places. How was your day?