Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Serious Discussion

This morning, at the bus stop, G and his friends had a Very Important Discussion (as A.A. Milne might write) about the ninth level of Super Mario Brothers Wii.  It makes me feel so proud to see Chipdip having a serious, intelligent discussion with another kid. 

The amount of growth he has done, in every sense, over the summer is astounding.  He seems to have outgrown the challenges he had in kindergarten.  For example, he seems to be completing his work thoroughly, neatly, and on time.  At home, he has been kind and loving, has been doing his chores without complaint, and has been eating well. 

I just thought that these photos - one at the bus stop and the other at Starbucks while he did his homework today - made me think about how G is growing and what a great little boy he is.