Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Well, Well, Mr. Smartypants!

G showed us a toy on Monday and asked if it was a chrysalis. Just to make sure we understood what he said, we asked him to clarify. Yep, he said "chrysalis." He said a caterpillar makes it, and when it comes out it's a butterfly. Today, he picked up M's R2D2 figure and said, "This is a beautiful toy for Daddy." A little while later, we taught him how to use the computer mouse and he successfully played his first game on the computer - Diego Safari.

He is also getting into arts and crafts. We spent the ENTIRE DAY doing painting, model building, and button gluing (it's our own personal art form). He was actually really good at following directions, which means that he REALLY enjoyed building the model bulldozer.

I finally located a web page memorial to my tattoo artist, Suzanne Fauser. You can find it here. If we get tattoos in the future, we will go to Brandon Bond. Our friends (Hi Vee!) told us about his studio last weekend, and then we noticed that he's really pretty famous, including appearances on several shows including L.A. Ink. We think he meets our standards. Feel free to let us know what you'd like to see inked on us, unless it's "nothing." We already kind of know what we want, but we're still good listeners.