Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yep, just another day at the office for Dad, saving some guy's life.

To give a little more information, a couple of guys fishing lost their motor just upstream of a dam. They were able to jump out of their boat and hang on to a piece of pipe that sticks up from the water. Their boat went over the dam and was pretty much destroyed. Dad's helicopter was first on the scene. Their aircraft does not have a winch or a basket or anything that could directly rescue the men. They decided to drop a bag of life preservers on the end of a long line to them but when they put the bag in the water, one of the fishermen grabbed on to it and wouldn't let go. Thinking quickly, they decided to "tow" the guy upriver to a waiting fire department boat. The second section of the video is the Park Police's big Bell 412 arriving, which does have a basket, which they dropped to the second guy and pulled him up.

Way to go, Dad, we're proud of you (even if the information posted with the video says the Park Police rescued both guys, we know better)!