Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Family Time

Since G's behavior has started to reflect our stress levels lately (and the tougher the discipline, the worse it gets), we have been making an effort to give him extra love, extra attention, and extra fun. Today, for example, after school he had a doctor appointment. He knew that he was going to get shots. So on the way there, we stopped at Walgreens so he could watch Mommy get a flu shot first and see that it isn't a big deal. We took his special blanket, his pillow, and Charkie, as well as lots of food, snacks, juice, and toys, with us to the doc so he would have every comfort. We even brought his stamp pad and "smile chart", along with his Very Big Prize Blackarachnia for him to earn with his bravery. It helped that he got to do hearing and vision tests, which were very fun for him. By the time we left, he was thanking me for bringing him to the doctor (did I mention he got 4 shots, including the painful flu shot?). He loves Dr. Barfield!

From there, we went to Goldberg's Deli for bagels, and then to Cumberland Mall, to kill time before tutoring. It was a very special treat for Chip to go tutor with me, because it's usually too late for him and he misses playing with Christian. They are good buddies, and they played great together today.

G even got to eat Moe's for dinner, which is his favorite. Since he's never up late anymore, he was so excited by all of the lights and being able to see inside all of the businesses on the way home. It was adorable. He got a bath at home, and we had just enough time to play two games of Cariboo (M 1, G 1, P 0).

This kind, gentle approach definitely works better than anything else. He's been super great this week.