Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Images Of Our Little Blueberry!

Today was our monthly checkup, but we didn't have an ultrasound done.  We did hear the baby's heart beat, which we'll post once we've processed it, and it was a perfect 162 bpm.

We have finally gotten around to scanning in the ultrasound pics from our perinatalogist appointment from 29 July.  You can see that the baby is measuring a full week taller than expected, so he or she is perfectly healthy.  You can also see a few other things if you care to look, like the nuchal translucency measurement and my "bruise" (from the subchorionic hemorrhage).  But we like to focus on the beautiful little blueberry, who has become more of a peach.

As I type, the peach has lodge himself or herself firmly into my far left side.  My tummy looks very funny right now - very lopsided.  I think this one's going to be a cuddler!

Back view, measuring crown-to-rump length

Side view - he or she was practicing moving those cute little jaws!

Side view, showing legs and tummy (dark area)

Close-up, measuring nuchal (back of neck) fold - but look at that cute little nose!

What a pose!  Reclining like royalty.  Look at those toesies!

3D image, showing perfect little arms and legs