Sunday, October 24, 2010

Galactic Adventures And Warm Feet

With Halloween quickly approaching, Chip has been practicing his combat skills in every form.  As Boba Fett, he wants to be prepared to capture any bounty, whether Jedi or Rancor.  

My mom and I have been working very hard on G's costume, and now I have gotten Matthew in on the act, too.  We are in charge of textiles, and he is in charge of armor.  Things are coming along well, and we should be more or less finished by tomorrow evening.  We will post photos.

In other news, I have a couple of Big Deal projects on my knitting needles, so I felt as though I needed some instant gratification with a smaller project.  I chose to complete my first ever pair of socks (although not the first pair I have begun, as socks constitute one of my Big Deal projects).  They are made from chunky tweed and feature cables.  They are insanely comfy, and I am so pleased to present to you my bed socks: