Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Fling

G's school had their Spring Fling today, for which they worked hard to raise money earlier in the year at their Move-A-Thon. It was an amazing production, and so much fun. Chip's class started at the carousel inflatable and went through four more inflatables before moving on to the train ride, tattoo parlor, knock down the trolls game, putting green, knock down the cans game, balancing ring, throw the beanbags in the potty game (and then get them out yourself!), volleyball, tic tac toss, soccer, and basketball. It was about four hours of action on a beautiful but hot day. The kids all wore shirts color-coded by class and got their own water bottle and participation medal. They were so proud of themselves when they were awarded their medals. Here are some photos from this very momentous day.

Hail On The Victors

After playing on the back deck on a warm, mostly cloudy, dry day, we came inside for dinner. Just as we began to eat, this happened:

FYI, Chip is kicking the ice, not sliding on it. He collected a bunch in a baggie, which we now have in the refrigerator.