Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkins And Rocks

Since both boys are growing so quickly, we took some time on the 17th to get some photos taken by Angie Ray.  She and her family are our friends, so G was off and running when her daughter arrived at the park.  While he played with his friend, Angie took a few extra shots of the little one.  Here are a few of our favorites:

I took this one of Angie in action.

On the 18th, G participated in Jump Rope For Heart to raise money for the American Heart Association.  Ollie and I attended and danced to the great music, while Chip and his friends jumped rope and hulaed hoops.

Our lives continue to revolve around soccer, and we love it.  Here is G in action on the 21st:

Ollie is getting more and more curious about food, but he has wanted to use adult cups for some time now.  Here he is "drinking coffee," after I had finished my morning cuppa on the 22nd:

On the 23rd, we made our weekly trip to Winnwood, where, as usual, he was loved on by his many honorary "grandmas."  This photo gives an example of the way he looks by the time we leave and how he feels about it.

Since G's school had early release (what we used to call "half days") last week, we tried to do some special things each day, like go to the park or have a friend over.  On Wednesday, we went to Tellus Science Museum.  He is very interested in rocks and minerals, and he wanted to go do some research in their excellent Weinman Mineral Gallery.  He chose three rocks to take in with him, and the curator of the museum, Julian Gray, was kind enough to examine his samples.  It turned out that he had chosen one sedimentary rock, one igneous rock, and one metamorphic rock.  To top it off, Mr. Gray confirmed that one of his rocks did, indeed, contain a crystal.  The photo below shows his reaction, an enthusiastic "Yesss!"

Here are the kids, minus one fossil hunter (Lily), unearthing a dinosaur.

G was allowed to choose two samples to bring home from the museum store.  He wanted some gold and a crystal, so he chose the gold-colored fool's gold (pyrite) which looked cooler than the real gold flakes they also had, and he chose a beautiful piece of quartz as well.  When everyone else left, we stayed behind to enjoy the beautiful weather and have a picnic lunch on a bench.  All three of us were hungry, so we took our time to eat and relax for a while.  Here are my babies with G's new finds:

Now, here's something that hasn't happened since we don't know when:  G fell asleep on the ride home!  Of course, when we got home, Mommy wasn't going to disturb the quiet of two sleeping boys, so she left them in the car and came upstairs to enjoy the peace and quiet until Daddy got home and they woke up, which all happened at about the same time.  It was a fun day, and G had lots to tell Daddy.  While Ollie had slept on "Auntie" Danielle's shoulder most of the time, he had a good day, too.

After that day, I spent several days in full-on Halloween Costume Mode.  I wanted to get both costumes done in time for events on Saturday, which I did just in the nick of time.  I will share photos of that in our next post.