Monday, June 11, 2007

These Shoes Are Made For... Posing

Riley's birthday party was a total blast. First of all, it was a totally original idea - a dress-up tea party complete with a mischievous pixie - and second, the woman who ran the party did such an amazing job with the kids. She was the kind of congenial pretty woman to whom kids flock. The girls dressed as princesses, and the boys were knights. By some miracle (the pixie?), both G and C wore their costumes the entire time. It was a little uncomfortably girly for me, but none of us could help but get caught up in the fun because it was so over-the-top.

The next day was Girls Gone Wild Sunday. Lisa, Skye, and I went to the outlets and filled lots of shopping bags. But it wasn't until today that I found these hottest shoes ever, and Chip found these and wouldn't walk out of the store unless he was wearing them.

Otto is sick, so it looks like we will be spending the week indoors. We couldn't get an appointment for him until Friday morning, and we think he's having transmission problems, and it's really really hot these days, so we don't want to get stranded on the side of the road. The good news is that Global provides loaner cars, so maybe we'll get an S model to cruise around in over the weekend, or if they are out of loaner MINIs, maybe a cool Beemer. p.s. Where the heck's my license plate??!!