Monday, July 25, 2011

What Does A Jedi Dream?

One of the best parts of vacation is sleeping in the same room with G.  We think he is beautiful when he sleeps, especially cuddled with Charkie and his pillow, Dolphie.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Disney World!

We are in our first full day at Disney World.  We woke up before 6:00 am so that we could hear the space shuttle's twin sonic booms, and boy did we ever hear them!  We'll post that once we have the chance to edit it into a format that we can post.  

We are staying at Animal Kingdom Resort, and this place is amazing.  There are things to learn, see, and do everywhere, and we have zebras, giraffes, crowned cranes, and many other things right outside our room!  

When the others went back to sleep after the shuttle landing, I stayed up to watch the sunrise.  The animals were beautiful, and I took some photos.

A giraffe and zebras outside our balcony at breakfast-time.

Sharing their breakfast - aren't they sweet?

Beautiful from every angle.

At the Star Wars section of the Lego store, he was in his glory.

We got to sit in the ice cave at the T-Rex Cafe.
 Still celebrating his birthday.

Do you think he knows what's coming up behind him?

Making his Darth Maul light saber at Once Upon A Toy.

Striking a pose with his new light saber.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Breeze At The Top

Exercising the baby, Wowo and I have climbed Kennesaw Mountain and are taking a break on our favorite rocks.  There is a slight but nice breeze.  It is very hazy looking out over Atlanta in one direction and Kennesaw in the other.  We saw one beautiful red fawn on the way up, and the birds are chirping.  There is an insect that looks like a bee taking multiple orders of take-out to his hole in the sandy ground between the rocks, and some small creature is nestling in the tall grass behind us.  This is a nice way to spend the early evening.

Our Heartbeats, Together

We had a "first" OB appointment today.  Despite being relatively early, our doc had no trouble finding a good strong heartbeat.  You can actually hear both of our heartbeats together:  mine sounds like an average heartbeat, and Blueberry's sounds very fast, about twice the speed of mine.  Have a listen!

We also have a new due date, based upon our last ultrasound.  It's February 5th, just one day later than the date we'd had until today. 

Doc said that I can ride water slides and roller coasters while we are in Disney World, because of my gestational age.  He said that he knows how cautious I am and that if I want to have a little fun, I should go ahead.  He's very low-stress, low-worry, and that makes us happy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Locks Of Even More Love

I have been growing my hair for several years, so I could donate to Locks Of Love again.  After hemming and hawing for a few weeks about the perfect time to do it, I finally decided that pregnancy is the perfect time and made my appointment for today.  I think that darker is better for short hair, and we put in some beautiful highlights.  I've already been playing around with it, so it's little messy, but at least you can get the idea:

before - with glasses
after - with glasses

before - no glasses
after - no glasses

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Found A Good Photo

Today was a low-key but busy day.  We went to church, lunch at a Mexican place called Laredo's (P's stomach decided that it would be better to bring lunch home in a box and eat it later), and came home.  While P and her mom worked on hemming a couple of pairs of pants for a Winnwood resident, M put another coat of paint on our master bathroom.  It's almost finished!  Just a little touchup and a couple of coats of paint behind the loo, and we can put all the fixtures back up.

P also worked on the soaker (diaper cover) she began yesterday, and that is also nearly finished.  A couple of legbands, and we'll be ready for our little pooper!  At least, we'll be ready for one day of pooping.

Looking through the photos we had tagged for our blog, we found a good one from our Cloudland Canyon hike in April that we would like to share.  It's a good family portrait:

Summer On The Lake

This was on 29 May, so I suppose it was spring, but this has been one of our favorite places to go this summer.  It has been so wonderful to see Matt get some quality time with his dad.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Ten Weeks Update

Today we are ten weeks along, and I'm feeling pretty well.  The nausea is practically gone, and I'm only tired.  It's really not a bad problem to have.  I can usually rest when I need to, and I've been laying low, knitting and reading.  Baby A is now over an inch long, according to what we've found online, and is moving around like crazy.  No more tail!  We'll have another ultrasound in three weeks, and we'll post pictures then.

Chip is addicted to his Nintendo DSi.  He has a new Pokemon game that he can't stop playing, unless I tempt him with a trip to a pool or Target (where he invariably wants Pokemon cards).  He is still obsessed with Star Wars and his Star Wars Lego figures, as well.  He hasn't been sleeping enough, probably because he's had the sniffles, but his manners have never been better.  He holds open the door wherever we go and always says, "Thank you."

Matt is doing well at work, despite a little sagging morale due to the end of the F-22 program.  He continues to do his very best and isn't bringing any work stress home with him.

I am really enjoying these couple of months off work, and really feel like I have needed it to rest and gestate.  We don't have much planned this weekend, but G's birthday is coming up soon, and then we'll travel to Florida for a week-long vacation.  While we're there, we plan to see the space shuttle Atlantis land and do a lot of swimming in the pool at our resort.

We will try to update this blog more often, especially with pregnancy developments and photos when possible.