Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Heartbeats, Together

We had a "first" OB appointment today.  Despite being relatively early, our doc had no trouble finding a good strong heartbeat.  You can actually hear both of our heartbeats together:  mine sounds like an average heartbeat, and Blueberry's sounds very fast, about twice the speed of mine.  Have a listen!

We also have a new due date, based upon our last ultrasound.  It's February 5th, just one day later than the date we'd had until today. 

Doc said that I can ride water slides and roller coasters while we are in Disney World, because of my gestational age.  He said that he knows how cautious I am and that if I want to have a little fun, I should go ahead.  He's very low-stress, low-worry, and that makes us happy.

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