Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Madness

Nothing much to report today, just want to keep the blog habit going... we filled out our NCAA brackets last night for the North University Court Banditos. The name comes from the house Matthew and all his friends lived in in Ann Arbor. Coincidentally, when they lived in that house, I lived in the apartment building adjacent to it (behind) on Wilmot Street and never knew any of them. All that time we were just a few feet away from each other - strange!

And now for the erata section: I guess I didn't say that Mom K was hiking with us, because someone (cough, Nancy, cough) asked if a ghost took the photo...

This morning, Joshie is spending the morning or day with us, depending on how court goes for Skye. I'm discovering that one can accomplish a lot more with two kids than with one because they entertain each other. If only I could produce a second one that's instantly three years old, but for now we'll settle for friends.

Time for a plug for Pandora Radio, the best invention since coffee. I'm listening to Young Pilgrims by the Shins right now.

Food News: We should have saved that potato chip, Laura. A corn flake shaped like Illinois just sold on ebay. Link here. I'm going to go inspect Matt's Special K.