Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Nails, Space Age, and Climbing Walls

We are at the tail end of winter, and we're so ready for the warm weather.  We have kept ourselves busy and entertained, trying to make every day interesting.

For example, today we had a nail party for G.  His finger was accidentally squished over Christmas vacation while playing air hockey, and he's had a band-aid on it ever since.  To make the imminent loss of his nail easy for him, we promised him we could have a "nail party" when it finally fell off.  Today, we celebrated his new fingernail by going to the park with some friends.  It was lots of fun, and only the beginning of a great day that included the science center with the Brociouses and rock climbing.

February 13:  G and Bun made a snowman on the back deck.

Today:  Chip's "nail party" treats

We gave nail clippers as favors.

We think this might be a first.

Buddies at the park

"Typifer" and G in front of megalodon jaws at Tellus

Digging for dinos

In the planetarium, about to watch Dawn of the Space Age

M climbing the wall at Escalade

G trying a new sport

P practicing roof climbing