Saturday, June 6, 2009

Keeping Up With The Angles

Time to get you up to date, doncha think? We begin our journey to the present at G's soccer party. We went to a pizza buffet place called Stevi B's, the pronunciation of which bothers P to no end but has fun pizza combinations anyway. The kids got participation awards, and a couple of complimentary team photos went to the team mom (me).

Nearly everybody knows how much we love our hamster, Ushi. We sometimes take him into the guest bathroom to run around without his ball.

We finally took care of the trees rubbing either side of our house. Here is video of one of them. I had just walked in from the store and didn't really know what was going on. I heard a tree falling, which after our luck lately is a sound I know well, and grabbed the camera. Pay attention to how big it is compared to the four people (Matt, P's dad, and two others) pulling the rope. Impressive!

We went to Christopher's graduation, where we also knew many of the other families. It was a short and very fun ceremony, and we were happy to show our support for a few of G's friends.

Now that preschool is over and the kids are going their separate ways, it's really nice that most of us have remained friends and get together sometimes to play. Here, during a playdate at the park, G climbs a tall tower.

After a trip to the gym last week, we came home to find G and Bun playing with his kitchen. He looked so cute, we had to take pictures. It was new to see such involved play - he had really planned out our "dinner" and was very organized - plates in his pockets and everything!

Last night, we had our Japanese friends (or tomodachi) Tomoko-san and Jun-san over our house for some American food and games. As a special surprise, Tomoko-san brought us matcha (powdered green tea) and taught me a little bit chado (tea ceremony). It was fun and delicious. She had brought a special cup just for the Chipster, but by the time we got to it he was already in bed.

Today, Jessie and Mel and families went to Lake Allatoona. I had my Japanese class and then needed a nap, but we finally joined them about eight hours late, around 5pm. The Brociouses had already come and gone, and the boat was put away, but we did get some quality time in the water and on the beach. We can't wait for the next big beach party.