Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day!

We hope that all you Mommies, Grandmas, Great-Grandmas, and Godmothers have had a wonderful Mothers Day! Our celebration started on Saturday when the Kelly/Angle females had afternoon tea at Tea at Seven Springs. It was such an interesting experience, because it was the epitome of Southern culture and not only was the food fantastic, but the atmosphere was as well. They encourage the ladies to wear hats (provided), and they also have clothes for all ages, including all accessories.

For dinner, we Angles went to Vincent's, a great new Italian restaurant in Marietta. It is a place where we dress a little better than usual to visit, but for some reason there was an astounding number of trucker hats and NASCAR/sleeveless/beer t-shirts. The dinner and the service were fantastic - linguine with pesto sauce for M, chicken saltimboca for P, and chicken fingers and fries for G which he did not eat, of course - but the parenting was not the most fun ever. We will just say that we wanted to raise an energetic, joyful, adventurous, intelligent child and we are succeeding on the energetic part. Oh, and the highlight of his behavior was when he sneezed directly onto the disapproving woman at the next table. Come to think of it, maybe she deserved it for being so uptight. Her child looked like way too serious for a child her age (but darn if she wasn't cute anyway).

Today, we had brunch at IHOP, because we Kellys used to go to the one on Woodward (or is it Coolidge?) for several years and P always loved the chocolate chip pancakes, although she had a Belgian waffle today. After about 5 cups of coffee, P inexplicably needed a nap so we headed home for her and Gabriel's nap. When we woke up, we went for a hike with Mom and Dad at the Kennesaw Battlefield. We found a new section of trail that complements our usual route and found that it was a pretty strenuous hike but great fun. Gabriel had a great time in his carrier and was sure to greet everyone we passed:

Later, Matty made a spectacular dinner of tilapia with a garlic thyme butter sauce and Thai jasmine rice, with fresh salads on the side. The fish was so good that we ate the salads last!

It's been a busy few days, because yesterday was the Race for the Cure for M & P, then tea and church, and the day before, we had Gabriel's friend Mak over for much of the day. They didn't interact a whole lot, but they were both very well behaved, especially at the park, where we saw a movie with some more of their friends. Notice his cool new shirt - what little you can see of it, anyway:

Happy Mothers Day!