Saturday, November 11, 2006

Denise Richards Hates Old People

Is it really horrible that we think that this is the funniest thing ever?

Harmonica Concert

Happy Veteran's Day, and Happy Birthday U. S. Marine Corps (yesterday)! We have a lot of armed services veterans in our families, and we're very grateful for their protection of our freedom. Dad A and Jack, you are heroes!

The other day, while Mommy and Daddy were chatting by the stairs, Chip brought over his green chair and his harmonica and gave us an impromptu concert. It was a great show - he has good rhythm and he really got the audience going!

In sad news, we mourn the passing of probably the most famous Ukie, and certainly the most famous to do one-armed pushups, Jack Palance; singer extraordinaire Gerald Levert; and distinguished anchorman Ed Bradley. They were all tops in their fields and we're bummed about their passing.

In happier news, I made my big hair appointment today for 1 Dec 06 at true salon, and they are helping me financially and otherwise with my plan. I will be donating nearly all of my hair to Locks of Love, a program that gives real hairpieces (and therefore self-esteem and more of a fighting chance) to kids with cancer. Please check out the LOL web site. I also plan to drastically color my hair, so I will look like a new person - it should be lots of fun!

Also lots of fun, my mom and I went to The Dinner A'Fare to prepare a bunch of great dinners to eat in the next week or two. It was fun, easy, and you can bring your own wine. What could be better than that?!

A few tidbits: