Friday, February 24, 2006

Party Central

We had such a great time tonight at our MOMS Club Family Night Out! Our house was packed to the gills, and everywhere happy faces. The kids had a blast, and the grown-ups had a lot of fun too. We even got an unexpected treat - one of our guests is an opera singer and sang a beautiful song for us. Add to that a super-fast cleanup, and it was a perfect night! Here are some photos, and you can see them all in our Shutterfly album.

American Loser

I'm watching American Idol from DVR, and what the heck? They make the loser sing their loser song after they're told what a loser the judges and the whole world think they are? That's horrible! Have they always done this?

But on the flip side, I did pick the first two to go. Hopefully, I've also picked the last to go. I'm on Team Taylor!!! (Stupid phone line was busy all day, so I might as well "vote" on our blog...)