Sunday, November 8, 2009

Falling Into Autumn

It doesn't seem like so long ago that "Bun" and "Papa" were "Mom" and "Dad", and Jack, Laura, and I were jumping into big piles of leaves. This is one of those special things that I'm glad Chip can do with them. We just wish we'd been there instead of at home, cleaning up our Halloween decorations!


Friday night, we had a family Bingo night at school. I helped serve the drinks; actually, G helped too by setting out the cups for me and we both got to wear plastic "glubs". It was a really special night for us. We sat right in front and had a great time playing together, each of us with our own card. We had pizza, cookies, and drinks, and played Bingo for about two hours. They also raffled movies and birthday parties at the local skate rink. The Chipster paid attention from start to finish, and he even helped to play my card for me at the beginning while I finished up with the drinks. He was a pro - after a while, he was even able to multitask, eating and playing at the same time. None of us won, but a couple of G's friends - Quincy and Jordan - did. We love that our school, and especially the PTA, do such special things for us. We really had a great time and can't wait for next year. Here are some photos, so you can see what a fun event it was.

Gloved and ready for customers

Pouring the water, fruit punch soda, "lemonade-ish", "Sprite-ish", and "Coke-ish"

The ball of destiny... for two hours, anyway

They didn't end up using this board; they wrote out the numbers, instead, but wouldn't it have been neat?

Our principal and the event organizer from the PTA

Our three stacks of cards: five cards for each of us

Excited to learn a new game and practice his number recognition!

Getting close to a Bingo!

Our principal/ball lady, our assistant principal/caller, and our assistant administrator/Vanna

Focusing on the raffle numbers - what a cutie