Monday, May 16, 2005

A Nice Night for a Walk

Gabriel and Daddy playing

The most notable thing that we did today was to go for a nice long walk through Midtown. We walked up to Piedmont Park and through it, and went through the neighborhood between there and our apartment, as opposed to going down the main streets. It was probably about 3 miles total. The weather was beautiful - probably about 65°F.

The house was listed today, although we don't have the heart to look it up on We know that we are doing the right thing, but it's still difficult. On the bright side, as soon as we sell the house, we can find a new one down here, and we think that will be really fun.

Gabriel actually crawled into his toy box today, and he nearly crawled out of his bed. Fortunately, we were right there to rescue him both times. We have started an exhausting nighttime routine where we put him in bed lying down, he stands up, we lay him back down, he stands up, we lay him back down... you get the idea. Oh, the ways he learns to push our endurance! So far, we're staying patient and remembering that he needs lots of repetition to learn anything, but he's seriously cutting into our nightcap time!