Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kelly, Jr.!

Here are all of the highlights from our past week of Wedding Extravaganza 2008. There are tons of photos, so please be patient while they load onto your screen. We didn't want to deal with a third-party screenshow for this one.

Anyhow, we are so happy for Jack and Jen, and we wish them all love and happiness in their marriage! And away we go...

Whirlyball (TM) - turns out this is the same owner as the Whirlyball back home in Michigan! What a small world.

Getting ready for the rehearsal festivities. Patty is the old librarian in the green top.

The rehearsal - check out Father Terry's sharp cowboy boots!

Such thoughtful gifts for Gabriel (he collects piggy banks)...

and Matthew.

It was a full house for the rehearsal dinner - upstairs and downstairs!

Syncronized sparkling:

We proudly wore our Peachtree Race shirts, as we do every Fourth:

The morning of the wedding, Jen gets her hair "did"...

with her bridesmaids there with her:

Mom in her first limo ride!

The girls (and Jen's dad) have a bumpy but entertaining ride to the pond for photos and the church (one hit vehicle and one set of railroad tracks nearly derailed us!) but are lookin' good

Laura and Mom switch rides for the latter leg of the journey

Mommy gets to be the very first girl to pin a boutonniere on our baby boy:

G looking dapper in his tuxedo

My favorite photo ever of the two of us:

G with his uncle and new aunt - check out that smart wedding ring!

It was a full house at the reception but with plenty of room for everyone!

Cutting the cake

Nourishing each other to set the tone for their whole marriage

Mom says, "Don't forget I was here first!" or maybe not, but that's what I will say to G at his wedding!

G with his favorite dance partner - Aunt Vera:

The bride tosses the bouquet to April, appropriately!

Everything was just perfect, and everyone had the most wonderful time. We are so happy for our brother and our new sister-in-law! They are honeymooning in Jamaica right now, and we can't wait to hear about their adventures there!


Dad A wanted a photo of him, Matt, and Patie post-race. We don't know who that third person is, but here's one that includes Patty. Hee hee.

Yes, I ran in a skirt! A girl has to look good at all times... actually it's a running skirt, but isn't it cute?!