Friday, September 4, 2009

Back Down To Earth

On our way down the mountain.  This is our second favorite spot there, great rocks to boulder (as in rock climbing) on.  Unfortunately, I dinged my wedding ring on these rocks a couple minutes after taking this photo, when I went down and started to climb them, but hopefully it will buff out next time we take it to be cleaned.

Friday Morning Summit

We are atop Pine Mountain, elevation 1562 feet above sea level.  We can see boats (but only two) on Lake Allatoona, I-75 and US41, a gigantic power plant about ten miles away, but most of all, lots and lots of green trees.  There are so many birds up here that we can hear their wings flapping, a lizard just ran by, and just to prove the warning signs right, yellow jackets are making their presence known. 

<p><br><p>Not a bad way to spend a Friday morning, eh?