Friday, May 19, 2006

Bustin' Dust

Gabriel discovered the joys of using our Dirt Devil yesterday:

Today, we went to Sophia's and Marissa's (Gabriel's friends') house to play for our MOMS Club Family Night Out. We had a great time. They have the best toys, like a driveable Corvette with a working radio and sound effects, and a train that rides on an actual track in a circle. They also had a moonwalk, but most of the kids were too excited by the other toys to use it. Since we left our camera there, we will have to post photos later.

In medical news, we have been hit with yet another unusual event. P was bitten yesterday morning, presumably by a fire ant, and developed a severe case of hives a couple of hours later. Even her ears and palms were swollen, and worst of all, the wedding rings had to come off so they wouldn't have to be cut off. As a result, she has been under the considerable influence of Benadryl even since. Is it wrong to have washed down the last dose with a white Russian?