Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Last Candybender

Happy Halloween, everyone! This year, G was Aang, from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and we were Sokka and Katara. Aang's costume was from all new fabric, but Sokka's and Katara's were mostly from Goodwill findings. It was fun to deconstruct the clothes and remake them into costumes. We felt like we hit gold at the Goodwill, because we found a cross-front shirt (Katara), easily removable fur trim (Katara), an undershirt (Sokka), two of the exact same scrub shirt that could be made into a larger, cross-front shirt (Sokka), as well as sweatpants for Sokka that we ended up replacing with new ones from Target. One day later, we have two new costumes.

Today was a very busy day. Since soccer was rained out (thank goodness!), we only had three parties and trick-or-treating on the schedule. M and G attended a classmate's very well-organized and fun birthday party while I finished my costume. We all went to his soccer team's Halloween party after I got ready and made myself some "hair loopies". "Tara Coach" lives in a beautiful house near Marietta Square, and it reminded us a lot of our house in Ann Arbor. It looked to be about the same age, with several fireplaces, beautiful molding and windowpanes, and hardwood floors. If you can't tell, we thought it was beautiful. Not fancy, not big, just lovely. There is a photo of one of the kids at the party below, who was dressed as a mad scientist and whose moosetache, as G says, was the best thing ever. After that, G and I went to our neighborhood party while M came home to change and leafblow (a kid slipped on the driveway anyway) before joining us there.

Finally, it was time to trick-or-treat. We would probably have been tired at that point if we weren't so hopped up on sugar. This is the first year, we think, that we have made it to every single house. Aang is faster this year than in past years, and we hardly got through our whole flask of bourbon before we were home! Please to enjoy the photos from our day (and one picture for reference).