Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beginning Of Birthday Season 2011

Although his birthday isn't for another week, we started M's celebration early.  Tonight, I took him to a Neko Case concert, and we had great seats.

Afterwards, we went to Pinkberry to see what all the fuss is about.  Although it would be easy to create a healthy dessert here, which is probably why it's so popular, we decided to go nuts (and fruit, and brownie pieces...).

Tomorrow will be my dad's celebration, and we'll go out to dinner.  Birthday season 2011 has officially begun!

At The Show

We are at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre to see Neko Case for Matt's birthday.  Great seats, great weather, great times!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Super Second Grader!

Ready For Second Grade!

After a fun-filled summer, full of fun trips and video games, it is time to start another school year.  We took summer vacation to the last second, almost literally, because we got home from Tybee Island last night not long before 11pm.  Hopefully, excitement will get Chip through the day, and he can relax all evening at home.  Here are some pics from this morning:

ready to go with his brand new rolling Boba Fett backpack

with James and Tommy at the bus stop

first to the bus stop, last on the bus

...and away they go!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Disney World, Days 6 and 7

After taking too many stairs at Blizzard Beach, I was not feeling well enough to visit Hollywood Studios the next morning.  Laura stayed with me at the resort, while the boys went to the park.  Their focus, of course, was anything Star Wars-related.

G is the sorcerer!

Riding a speeder bike with the other Scout Troopers

They were accidentally shrunken and found themselves in a back yard, but G found an ant to help him fight his way out of the yard

They came back in the afternoon for a swim, and then we all went back to Hollywood Studios.

Chip discovered the fun of water slides

Water slides are fun for everyone!

Our baby's first no-jito.  I'd been drinking them every day, and he really wanted to try one.

Different year, same picture - down to the overjoyed expression on Chip's face.  He was happy - just being silly.

The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectaular! was, well, spectacular.

G was truly captivated and entertained

Future stuntman?

On Endor, we found Luke Skywalker preparing to fight Darth Vader.

That says "Departures," for those of you who don't read Galactic Basic Standard.

C-3PO and R2D2, and a commercial advertising Star Tours with a Nanny Droid

The star tourists after their return from Endor, Cruscant, and Mustafar (pregnant ladies don't make good galactic travelers)

A crate at Muppet*Vision 3D

"In Space, No One Can Find Their Shoes"

Matt on the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

Walk This Way!

Rock On!

Inside the entrance to our resort
G asked to take a photo with Daddy in the lobby.  I love this one.

A beautiful light fixture at the end of the lobby, in front of the savanna window.  Begins at the bottom with roots in the soil and ends at the top with an ostrich egg surrounded by ostriches.

A very clever African ladder

The morning of our departure, G took each of his stuffed animals outside on the balcony with him so that each of them could have some special time viewing the animals on the savanna.  He is such a kind and caring boy; we were really touched to watch him that morning.

Charkie's turn

This was the perfect place for us to stay

Even the patio chairs were beautifully detailed

We think that we will return to this lodge.  It was really special, in that it was relaxing, entertaining, and educational.  They really make a lot of effort to present different aspects of culture, geography, ecology, and society in the African countries so that guests can truly learn while they're there.  We liked the fact that it wasn't a cartoon version of the continent; it was genuine.  The "cast members" (employees) are actually African residents who have lots to share about their countries.  From a drum lesson one night, to a zoology lesson another night, to guides orienting us to the animals on the savannas outside, we really left with a new appreciation for Africa in general, but I think Botswana in particular (that was the zoology lesson).

G is not the type to take part in the organized poolside activities, but he did want to play ping pong, use the water slides, and play monkey in the middle with anyone who was around.  He also loved sitting out on the balcony and watching the animals on the savanna.  And any parent can tell you, if the child's happy, everyone's happy!

We are not a "Disney family" in the sense that we are obsessed with the movies and characters, but we have definitely become appreciative of the quality that they put into their lodges and parks, and we are fans of the efforts they make toward good stewardship of the planet.  We had such a nice trip, and we are so glad that Laura was there with us.  Angle Vacation 2011 was a success!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby's First Diapers!

We received our first two diapers in the mail today.  We ordered BumGenius elemental (organic) all-in-ones.  We chose two that would be gender-neutral.  Maybe next Friday we'll be able to order gender-specific colors!  Aren't they cute?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Images Of Our Little Blueberry!

Today was our monthly checkup, but we didn't have an ultrasound done.  We did hear the baby's heart beat, which we'll post once we've processed it, and it was a perfect 162 bpm.

We have finally gotten around to scanning in the ultrasound pics from our perinatalogist appointment from 29 July.  You can see that the baby is measuring a full week taller than expected, so he or she is perfectly healthy.  You can also see a few other things if you care to look, like the nuchal translucency measurement and my "bruise" (from the subchorionic hemorrhage).  But we like to focus on the beautiful little blueberry, who has become more of a peach.

As I type, the peach has lodge himself or herself firmly into my far left side.  My tummy looks very funny right now - very lopsided.  I think this one's going to be a cuddler!

Back view, measuring crown-to-rump length

Side view - he or she was practicing moving those cute little jaws!

Side view, showing legs and tummy (dark area)

Close-up, measuring nuchal (back of neck) fold - but look at that cute little nose!

What a pose!  Reclining like royalty.  Look at those toesies!

3D image, showing perfect little arms and legs

Monday, August 8, 2011

Go Go Go Cart!

We're at the birthday party of Chip's friend Maddox, at Mountasia.  G has finally gotten to try the bumper boats and go-carts, and he also got to play video games and miniature golf, both of which he's done before.  Usually, we just go there for mini golf, so it was a special treat to have a pass to do everything.  The temperature at this evening hour is very pleasant, and it rained a few drops so all of the kids got a pass to come back again!  We all had a great time.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sonic Booms

Our first morning in Florida, we awoke well before 6 am so that we could go out on the balcony and listen for the space shuttle's sonic booms on reentry.  We weren't sure whether we would hear a quiet "pop pop" or nothing at all.  Well, what we heard truly shocked all three of us!  It rattled the doors of our room, which you can hear, and even woke up G for a moment.

Because it was dark, we couldn't drive to Cape Canaveral to see it fly overhead; it doesn't have position lights like an airplane.  Being the last mission of the space shuttle program, it was extremely important for P to be a part of it in some way, so we took a big chance on staying at our resort near Orlando without 100% certainty that we could hear the booms.  Feeling that wave pass through our bodies, we definitely do feel as though we were a part of this landing.

Now we've seen both a space shuttle launch (STS-131) and landing (STS-135).  Please pardon the language in the video; we were truly in shock!

Friday, August 5, 2011


G is ready for a fun filled night at Bun and Papa's!  Wowo has a great night planned.