Friday, April 22, 2005

Nine Month Checkup


Gabriel had his 9-month checkup today with Dr. Barfield, and for once, he didn't have any immunizations. His measurements:

  • weight: 18 lbs 4 oz - 25th percentile
  • height: 28 3/4 in - 50th percentile
  • head circumference: 46 1/2 cm
He got the go-ahead to eat anything we want to give him except (Dad A pay attention here!) chocolate, nuts, and fish. He can even drink whole milk, but he shouldn't because he should be getting his milk from Mommy. His bite size should be the size of the end of his little finger, which is pretty darn small. This is exciting, because we can introduce him to all sorts of things. He isn't too interested in anything but his pureed organic foods, mother's milk, and the occasional teething biscuit, but at least if he wants to try things, he can. He can also start getting his nutrients from a wider variety of sources, which is healthier. We gave him a tiny bite of cheese, but he wasn't interested in having any more.

Since every baby we know snacks a lot, we asked if there is any medical necessity for snacking. We don't want him to be a snacker, because that is associated with a higher incidence of obesity and related health problems. Dr. Barfield said that he totally agrees with us and that ideally, he should eat 6 small meals a day, even though that isn't really practical for most people. Gabriel eats 5 meals a day, and sometimes a 6th tiny meal of veggies, so we're right on track.

Since there was a scale at the pediatrician's office, Patty took the opportunity to find that she is within 3 1/2 pounds of her estimated pre-pregnancy weight. With our eating and running schedule what it is, we predict a lot more weight loss in the near future.

Baton Bob

When we got back, we went out to Piedmont Park to run. We did about the same today as Patty did yesterday, about 2 miles or so. On the way back, we grabbed some Flying Biscuit - the F.B. breakfast for Matthew and the devil burger (veggie burger) for PA. It really hit the spot. We found out, via various postings on the wall of F.B., that our favorite street performer who comes right by our apartment most days around 1:00 pm has a name: "Baton Bob" Jamerson, or the Ambassador of Mirth. We've never talked to him, because we thought he was crazy, but apparently he's quite sane. We're going to be sure to say hi next time he comes by. Maybe we'll even get a picture for our blog.

Our beautiful baby boy

Next on the agenda was tutoring for P. and some Michigan baseball vs. Ohio State (ohhowihate...) for the boys. Tutoring went really well, and Michigan won, 11-3. It was a good night. Gabriel ate really well and was a lot of fun tonight. He kept us cracking up, and he fell asleep with hardly a peep. Amazing!