Thursday, March 27, 2008

What Not To Crochet

This is just too funny not to share.

Well, I found out I have to get a new passport because my maiden name is on it, so I got that out in a hurry today. G's is finished and on its way to us, which means that Mom K's must be, too. We picked up a few souvenir-type things the other day to give away in Japan (keychains), and we've booked hotels for the beginning and end of our trip. Things are coming along nicely.

We have more Easter photos, including one of the bunny cake we made. It was supposed to be a realistic, standing-up bunny, but I used double the cake batter and it didn't bake. One good ear and the other good head and body combined to make a pretty decent, and very yummy, Easter cake.

About a month ago, we met a nice woman at the park who works with therapeutic horses. She works with the Special Olympics and is helping with the version in Cobb County this year. She invited us to come to the farm some morning, and we finally got the chance to go this Tuesday. Although G preferred to run around in circles and play with the dog, he did get to ride a pony. The horse nuzzled my face and was very gentle even though he was enormous. Here are some photos: