Wednesday, June 4, 2008


G started reading yesterday. He saw a sign that said "C&M" for a bank, and he couldn't figure out the ampersand, so he tried again with the "Best Buy" sign. He sounded out "!" We were so proud of him! It wasn't sign recognition, we don't think, because we've only been there once since he was born, I think, and he wasn't there with us. Now Starbucks, Target, and Sam's - those he knows! He's read a couple words since then, but that was the first.

Also, on the way home tonight, I said I was a lot tired, and he said he was "short tired," which he explained was the opposite of "big tired" - he was finding a new way to say "a little", so he chose "short." We think it's really neat that he is using synonyms to be clever.