Sunday, September 9, 2007

Our First Print

Our first b/w print, originally uploaded by mpgangle.

As some of you know, we have recently acquired all of the necessary equipment to start our own darkroom. This evening, we shipped the little one off to Bun and Papa's house so we could set it up (sorry, G, you lost your bathroom for now), figure out the f-stop and exposure time using test strips, experiment with chemistry a little, and got down to business.

Here is our second print, which is the same as our first one. The first one resides at Bun and Papa's as a thank-you. It's an 8x10, and it's black and white, although it was all white that day anyway...

We think that it could be improved by using a filter to increase the contrast a little bit. We also need to be careful with our negatives in the future, because you can see two small scratches on the photo.

If you have something you'd like printed or enlarged/reduced (at this time up to 8x10, because we don't have bigger paper yet, just send us the negative. It would be a nice surprise for someone you love for a birthday or holiday. We will start charging soon, so take advantage of our kindness now while you still have the chance! {If you're reading this blog, chances are we'll never charge you anyway...}