Saturday, September 5, 2009

PJs, Pine, Piedmont, and Pigskins

We went to Book Fair on Tuesday evening. It was lots of fun. The theme was "Reading Around The World." They had lots of different kinds of cookies, and some of the teachers read to the kids.

It was PJs and pancakes day yesterday at school for the letter of the week, P:

M and I went hiking yesterday while Chip was in school:

Here are some pics from this morning at Piedmont Park with our friends and their goddaughters, including our goddaughter:

Here are some of G's pics from the park today:

Here is some video of G and M playing. I didn't notice at the time, but there is a wedding party in the background about to say their "I dos". They were married down next to Lake Clara Meer.

Today, football season started, so we wore our shirts, raised the flag, and cheered "Mickishan" on to VICTORY! Go Blue!