Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The World Is Waiting

Thoughts while watching AR9:
  1. It's Sao Paulo, not San Paulo. Arrrggghhh!!!
  2. "Lake, like the ocean?" Duuhhh.
  3. The nerd handshake has got to go.
  4. Go Team Atlanta! Latina Power!
  5. Portuguese is NOT Spanish!
  6. Good challenges so far.

We had an AWESOME day today! It was so beautiful here in northern Georgia that we went to two different parks and also for a walk in our neighborhood. Gabriel got to play with Thomas, Joshua, Christian, Lily Claire, Enzo, and Ty. He was so nice with all of the other kids at the playground, and we were so proud of him. At the first playground, he got to see three fire trucks unrolling their hoses and rerolling them. As soon as the trucks arrived, all play on the structure ceased as all of the kids ran over to look at the trucks. It was really cute.

Patty had Moms' Night Out tonight at a Mexican restaurant with four friends, and we had a blast! We celebrated Fat Tuesday with margaritas and fried ice cream. Luckily, there was a Japanese restaurant next door, so a container of sushi happened to jump into the Liberty for Matty. Boys' Night At Home was also a rousing success! They were having so much fun, they didn't even notice Mommy come home!