Friday, July 8, 2011

Ten Weeks Update

Today we are ten weeks along, and I'm feeling pretty well.  The nausea is practically gone, and I'm only tired.  It's really not a bad problem to have.  I can usually rest when I need to, and I've been laying low, knitting and reading.  Baby A is now over an inch long, according to what we've found online, and is moving around like crazy.  No more tail!  We'll have another ultrasound in three weeks, and we'll post pictures then.

Chip is addicted to his Nintendo DSi.  He has a new Pokemon game that he can't stop playing, unless I tempt him with a trip to a pool or Target (where he invariably wants Pokemon cards).  He is still obsessed with Star Wars and his Star Wars Lego figures, as well.  He hasn't been sleeping enough, probably because he's had the sniffles, but his manners have never been better.  He holds open the door wherever we go and always says, "Thank you."

Matt is doing well at work, despite a little sagging morale due to the end of the F-22 program.  He continues to do his very best and isn't bringing any work stress home with him.

I am really enjoying these couple of months off work, and really feel like I have needed it to rest and gestate.  We don't have much planned this weekend, but G's birthday is coming up soon, and then we'll travel to Florida for a week-long vacation.  While we're there, we plan to see the space shuttle Atlantis land and do a lot of swimming in the pool at our resort.

We will try to update this blog more often, especially with pregnancy developments and photos when possible.