Saturday, August 18, 2012

Six Months!

Today, our sweet little Oliver turns six months old.  It seems, at the same time, so long ago and so recently that he was born.  Our excitement at his arrival and joy in having his as part of our family has not ebbed one bit.  He knows how to sit up and can travel across the kitchen in his rocket ship.  We are working on helping him learn to crawl, and several teeth are threatening to poke through.  Ollie loves to feel Daddy's stubbly face and watch television with his big bro.  He still has drunk only breast milk, and except for three occasions has only been nursed.  Mommy is having a little anxiety about introducing "outside" food to his diet, because the nursing has forged a great bond between Mommy and Baby, and Mommy is very proud of being able to grow a child all by her own body, but he has been ready for food for some time.  We will most likely let him begin to try a few things soon.

Happy six-month birthday to our little Oliver John Asher!

Six months ago, at this time, it was a very different scene!

You can see that he has been eating the sign.

Ollie really loves his family.