Sunday, August 27, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mattycakes!!!

This date in 1973 was a big day for the world. A baby boy was born who has made everything around him better everywhere he's gone. Today we celebrated Matty's birthday low-key and low-stress.

It started out late, because M got to sleep in as long as he wanted, and even G stayed out of the bedroom so he could rest. When he got up, he had a Birthday panCake(tm), which was a stack of pancakes with some of that Kranz frosting in between and on top, cut into the shape of a heart, with a candle in the top. Chip helped blow out the candle.

When we got moving, we went to the Cobb County Radio Control Modeler's Club, which is like an airport for RC planes. M was very surprised at our destination, and we had a great time. We watched airplanes the whole time we were there, but as we were leaving, a helicopter started flying. The guy flying it was fantastic! He had that thing flying upside down, doing rolls, and going so fast that it was almost a blur. We pulled over to watch for a few minutes before we went off to explore the big-house neighborhoods nearby.

For dinner, we went to Johnny's New York Style Pizza. We'd never been there before, but there are a lot of them around, so we decided to give it a try. Not only was the food really, really good, but Chip sat in his seat the entire time!!! Now that was a birthday present!

We came home for cake and presents, and when Dad went home and G went to bed, we watched a little Sopranos to wind down. It was a very relaxed, very fun day.

Happy Birthday, my Matty!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Wo-Wo!

Happy Birthday to the girl with the best abs in the world!!!