Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Look Of Spring

You might notice - at least we hope you do! - that our web site has an entirely new feel. We have updated to the newest version of Blogger and freshened up our look. We've also added a way of earning (and we use that word loosely) revenue when people click on the ads at the bottom of the page. The "One" banner at the top does not generate revenue; we just want to promote the cause. We've put the Adsense ads at the bottom of the left column on our page so they wouldn't be distracting at all. Please let us know if they are annoying/helpful/whatever so we can figure out what size and where they should be.

We hope that you enjoy the new version of our weblog!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Something You Should Know

I started scanning through today's American Idol episode, which is devoted to raising money to fight AIDS in Africa, among other things. It got me thinking, "these people can't all be that promiscuous." So I found this article and thought it was interesting: Here's an excerpt:
Every major campaign against AIDS in Africa has been based on the premise that heterosexual sex accounts for 90 percent of transmission in adults. Yet safe-sex efforts have not stopped the spread of the epidemic, which now affects 30 million people. Economic anthropologist David Gisselquist therefore suspected that HIV might be spreading primarily by another route. After analyzing 20 years of epidemiological studies, he and his colleagues concluded that unsafe injections, blood transfusions, and other medical procedures may account for most AIDS transmission in African adults. Their analysis indicates that no more than 35 percent of HIV in that population is spread through sex.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Year In The States

Everyone knows how much we loved our trip to Peru... it was one year ago today that we returned home and learned on the TVs in the ATL airport that we had a new Pope. Just thought it was a little interesting.

Our Fearless Leader

We thought this was a great quote from our President on Easter Sunday. Our source is

He said God "is constantly searching our hearts and minds. He's kind of like Santa Claus. He knows if you've been good or if you've been bad." Bush sat in the front pew with his family. At the point in the service when people greeted those next to them, Bush walked around the chapel so he could shake hands with more worshippers. "I'm breaking the rule, I know," Bush said, figuring no one would mind.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Our Sunday Drive

...just another Sunday drive - you know, 50 mph around mountain curves, 27 miles per gallon, beautiful scenery. Just another day in MINI-land. Our album here Our friends' album here

Sunday, April 8, 2007

More Otto and Easter Eggs

It's finally sunny enough (although a little cold) here to take some pictures outside. That's great timing, too, because Gabriel had his first at home indoor/outdoor Easter egg hunt.

Gabe looked high and low

Since we've hopefully given everyone their Gabe fix, we've had some requests for more pictures of the newest member of our family, Otto (our 2002 MINI Cooper). Here they are.

Happy Easter to everyone!

Coloring Eggs!

Gabriel had his first experience coloring Easter eggs today. Bun came over and we had a really great time, even when the cup full of blue colored water went everywhere!

Gabe got really, really good at dying eggs.

One even ended up looking like Matt.

Happy Easter, everyone!