Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby Mountaineer

Ollie made his first summit - of Kennesaw Mountain - on Tuesday.  He brought along his mother and aunt Wowo.

He looked pretty snazzy that day!

On the way down the mountain, he wanted to be carried a little bit, and that was okay.

Later that day, he did some gardening with Daddy, including planting an arugula plant just for Mommy.

Because we wanted to go to the movies on Wednesday to see The Hunger Games, we wanted to see if he would accept breastmilk out of a bottle.  The person with the honor of feeding him for the first time out of a bottle was his Awesome Big Bro!

Daddy took a turn too.

O did great with the bottle, so Laura, Matt, and I went to the movie the next night and really enjoyed it. We don't intend to make the bottle a regular presence in our lives, but it was good to know that everything went well when we went out for a bit.

Tomorrow marks OJ's six-week birthday, and we think that things are going really well.  All four of us are getting on quite well, and the littlest one is growing, healthy and strong.