Friday, September 17, 2010


Thanks to I-75 going through Lexington and a fortuitious schedule, Patty was able to meet up with Erica, a childhood friend that she hadn't seen in about 18 years.  It was great to spend a little time with her and her adorable kids to catch up a bit.  Thanks Erica for spending time with us, it was really special!

Warm Legs

Almost to Man O' War Boulevard to have a coffee with my friend Erica, whom I haven't seen in over 18 years and now lives in Lexington.  On the radio:  Optimistic, by Radiohead.  I just finished my leg warmers, just in time for the chilly north, apart from sewing in the ends.  I have the ends tucked in right now.  Weather is beautiful, perfect for a drive.  It's a good day.

What More Does A Boy Need?

He is actually recreating the Lego Star Wars video game.  Right now, he is in the cantina buying pieces of characters.  When he buys all the characters ("Ch-Ching", he says), he can put them together.  This poor child is desperate when we take him away from his Wii...  and he's only been away from it for about two hours.