Thursday, July 14, 2011

Breeze At The Top

Exercising the baby, Wowo and I have climbed Kennesaw Mountain and are taking a break on our favorite rocks.  There is a slight but nice breeze.  It is very hazy looking out over Atlanta in one direction and Kennesaw in the other.  We saw one beautiful red fawn on the way up, and the birds are chirping.  There is an insect that looks like a bee taking multiple orders of take-out to his hole in the sandy ground between the rocks, and some small creature is nestling in the tall grass behind us.  This is a nice way to spend the early evening.

Our Heartbeats, Together

We had a "first" OB appointment today.  Despite being relatively early, our doc had no trouble finding a good strong heartbeat.  You can actually hear both of our heartbeats together:  mine sounds like an average heartbeat, and Blueberry's sounds very fast, about twice the speed of mine.  Have a listen!

We also have a new due date, based upon our last ultrasound.  It's February 5th, just one day later than the date we'd had until today. 

Doc said that I can ride water slides and roller coasters while we are in Disney World, because of my gestational age.  He said that he knows how cautious I am and that if I want to have a little fun, I should go ahead.  He's very low-stress, low-worry, and that makes us happy.