Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Father's Day Gift

We know that we have been incredibly blessed with our dear Gabriel, and for a long time we really just wanted to focus on him.  We wanted to be the best parents we could be, and we wanted him to grow up feeling special and confident.  Whether or not we've done just that, when Gabriel was closing in on four years old, we all began to feel as though our family could be even fuller.  Thus began our obsession.

Many of you know that the past three years have been very difficult for us in that we have been praying, trying, and yearning for a second child.  Gabriel has been asking and praying for a baby sister or brother for even longer than that.  Add in lots of fertility testing, a miscarriage, and the beautiful children born to seemingly everyone we know, and it would be fair to say that a large part of our hearts has been occupied with the dream of a fuller family.

Well, our dear family and friends, the wait is over!  Gabriel has gotten his wish and is a big brother.  By early next February, we will have another son or daughter.  Patty is seven weeks along, feeling great aside from a nagging but oh-so-welcome nausea.  Our little Blueberry has a very strong heart beat and looks great.  We could not be happier.

We have had two ultrasounds already, and because Patty has passed that milestone thirty-fifth birthday, we will have an extra opportunity or two to see great pictures of our baby.  At the first ultrasound, we were at six weeks, and Blueberry's heart rate was 104.  Last Friday, it was up to 132, which is right where we want it to be.  Our baby's size is perfect, and we could see arms and legs, or at least their beginnings.  His or her "tail" should be gone any time now!  B measured 8 mm on Friday, which is over 1/4 inch from crown to rump.  Friday was also the first time Patty has worn maternity clothes this time around.  It has been amazing how quickly the body changes the second time.

Our baby at 6 weeks

Our baby at 7 weeks

So, it's a great time.  We hope that you will share in the happiness of our good news and celebrate with us.  Here's to big bellies and healthy babies!  And Happy Father's Day to all dads, veteran and rookie!