Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Just A Quick Post Today

Today wasn't too incredibly thrilling, but there were a few things to write about. The most interesting thing that happened today was that the Chipster had playgroup at his friend Jonah's house. We tried to get a picture, but the batteries went dead - sorry. We will definitely get a picture or two tomorrow, since we haven't put any up in a couple of days. Bear with us! Anyway, the picture would have been great - Gabriel, the two Jonahs, and Jake were all sitting around a bunch of balloons playing with them. They were trying to hold them down and shaking the ribbons. They don't understand sharing yet, but they were all playing together. It was so cute.

Chipdip seems to be all better today. He played on his own much of the evening, walking around and getting his books from the bookshelf and his blocks from the drawer. He waved at us a few times today when we waved at him, and he went to bed without a fuss. Hallelujah!

He had turkey today for the first time, and we made him more squash and Golden Delicious apples. We didn't think to check the price tag on the organic squash at Whole Foods, and it turned out to be $20 for the bagful! It better give him superpowers (we'd settle for the superpower of changing his own diapers).

Tomorrow, we plan to do more cleaning and straightening up both because it really needs to be done and in preparation for Mom A and Grandma and Grandpa Kranz to visit this weekend. We're so excited to see them and for them to get to spend time with Gabriel!