Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

What a fun day it's been!  We started at church, where G had his religion class and then we attended mass.  After getting ourselves centered for the week ahead, we were ready to party!

Our Frankencake from Publix that we had for dessert after the fajita lunch my mom made us all.

Boba Fett made an appearance after lunch...

...and then he was joined by a monkey with a banana...

...who turned out to be Jackson!

Christopher and his daddy made G his very own communicator device.

Fett looks just as intimidating without his helmet.

Zam Wesell and Boba Fett ready to trick-or-treat.

Halloween 2010 family portrait.

Waiting for the sun to go down.

Our spooky house.  The left part of the yard is a cemetery, there are ghosts and spider webs everywhere, and you can see the chandelier with actual candles in the first window to the right of the door.

Chip's jack-o-lantern.  He designed it, and I cut it.  When I asked him why he drew two noses, he explained that the one on the bottom is boogers.  I cut it with my interpretation, and he approved.

He really wanted Bun to take him trick-or-treating first.

We ran into Ian along the way.

Tommy made a cute little vampire, and Sean looked better than usual.

At the other end of our street, we visited a house that gave us a sweet surprise.  They have held on to a Halloween photo of G for three years.  Each year, they take photos of all of the kids and adults, and the following year, they post them all on their front door so we can all take home the photos and remember what the kids looked like last year.  Since we have only visited their house once, when Chip was three, they still had a photo of him as a "debil", and it was so fun to see it after all this time.  This year, we all had our pictures taken, and we can't wait to see the results next year.

This year was the most excited G has been for Halloween, so we have tried to make it really special for him.  As a result, it was special for us, too.  Happy Halloween, everyone!