Saturday, June 23, 2007

Let's Go Tigers!

It's late, so just a quick post...

Today was the official end of my birthday (which started on 15 April for those of you keeping track at home). We went to the second Tigers-Braves game of the series and had a blast. Today, we brought along a couple more generations and sat at the very top of the stadium behind home plate. It was a fantastic view - we could call the balls and strikes, but we could also see the Capitol Building, the IBM Building, the Olympic torch (from '96), and the rest of downtown. At least a third of the crowd was dressed in orange, so when the "Let's Go Tigers" chant started, it was pretty darn loud. We sat above the players' parking lot after the game and saw Brian McCann, Jeff Francour, and Warren MI native John Smoltz get in their rides. The strange thing was that when we got on the road, there were several players next to us driving home, two of them in Bentleys. We figured they'd just take a secret Bat-Tunnel or something directly to their manses.

Yesterday the two of us sat in primo seats down by third base, so we could be on the Tigs side of the building. A couple of foul balls and the Jumbotron camera were all very close to us, but no cigar in either case.

Combined with tee ball this morning, it's been a baseballerific weekend. We will probably not attend the Tigers game tomorrow because it's a late one (8:05? We're on the east coast, people!), but hey, we got to see Verlander pitch today and Bobby Cox tie the major league all-time record for game ejections. We saw Ordonez and Pudge get hit by balls, and we got to see a little bit of the city. Good stuff.

Jack and Jen have been Georgia residents for 2 days but we haven't seen them yet. Cartersville isn't exactly a stone's throw away, although it really isn't all that far. Hopefully, we'll see them tomorrow.