Monday, February 18, 2013

Oliver's First Birthday!

Today our dear second son turned one year old.  It was such a fun day, and the weather was perfect for our outing to the zoo.  My close friend Lisa and her babies joined us at Zoo Atlanta, which is where I also took G on his first birthday, eight and a half years ago.

At noon, it was mealtime for the giraffes.
We took a break for cupcakes.
We didn't see the "no climbing" sign until later, but Willie B seemed to like the kids.
Our little chickadees.
At 1:44 pm, exactly one year after O's birth.
Everyone in the petting zoo section must have heard us celebrating his "birth minute."
Practicing standing so he can be a toddler sometime in the next year.
G ran into more friends at the zoo, and they had the chance to play at the front playground.
It was a great day with great friends! 
After work, Matt came home and Bun and Papa came over to celebrate.  They brought Jet's Pizza, and we made brownies.  G helped his little bro open his presents from us, Bun and Papa, and Bunnut and Papa Nick (who were there via Skype).  

Ollie loved, loved, loved his musical shape sorter that Big Bro got him.  He instantly loved the different shaped blocks with neat things inside, and he very quickly figured out how to fit the shapes in the right holes.  He really does love puzzles and music, so this combines two of his very favorite things!

Big bro chose the perfect gift!
For his big gift from us, we chose a red Schoenhut elite spinet.  It was a huge hit!  He played for quite a long time, and although he enjoyed playing standing up, he decided that he enjoyed the bench too.

He jumped right in to his first composition.
He used the full range of the keyboard!
He got all "Jerry Lee Lewis" on us!

At the end of the day, we finally got a family shot.
We had such a great day.  It has been the best year of our lives.  Even though we had a full, happy family with Chipdip, somehow Ollie has brought even more love to our home.  He has made us better parents, and he has certainly brought out the best in his Big Bro, who has shown a new capacity for love, more than we have ever seen in him.  We love our one-year-old.  Happy Birthday, Oliver!

And as sort of a postscript, here we are when he was one day old:

At This Time, Final Part

One year ago at this time, I sat in the birthing pool and held this precious new baby close. Every moment since has been bliss. 

At This Time, Part Three

They were just filling up the birthing pool while I balanced on my right arm (because it was too painful to sit) on that horrible patient bed.

At This Time, Part Two

At this time a year ago, we were just pulling up to the Atlanta Medical Center. I was in full-on transition and could hardly get into the hospital!

At This Time, Part One

At this time a year ago, my water had broken, and I was getting dressed. I told my mom to go ahead and get her hair cut, because I didn't want her to panic. I also didn't want to panic myself!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Baby's First Valentine's Day

Today is Ollie's last first holiday, because he will turn one in four days.  We thought it was the perfect holiday to be near his birthday, since he is such a loving and cuddly baby.  We had a nice day.  G and M had school and work, respectively, and O and I went out to breakfast with friends.  When we all got home together, we exchanged cards and gifts.  Bun watched the boys while we lovebirds went to the gym to get some great exercise together.  We ate some steak frite for dinner to finish out the day.  It truly has been the best Valentine's Day ever.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Well, That Settles That


[from the family room] "I'm not prepared for any follow-up questions."