Friday, March 25, 2005

Our First Audioblog

this is an audio post - click to play

This is a recording we made today of Gabriel talking to himself as he banged away on the open dishwasher door while Matt was doing dishes. At the end of the recording, he grabs the MP3 player out of Patty's hand. If you listen really closely, you can even hear him open his mouth to put the player in. Now that we know we can do this, look forward to more of these fun posts!

He's Crawling!

Gabe's first crawl, part 1
Gabe's first crawl, part 2

Gabriel crawled for the first time today. It was almost more of a belly scoot, because it was on the bed and his knees sank into the mattress a little, but he definitely got from Point A to Point B using hands and knees! He was going for Mommy's In Style magazine. He must like Queen Latifah, who's on the cover. She does look good! Of course, Daddy and Mommy were there with the camera. It's never more than an arm's reach away.

By the way, the bread that we made yesterday is good! It was nice and moist on the inside and had a nice dark crust. The only thing that would make it better maybe - maybe - would be a crispier crust. It didn't fall apart when we cut it, which meant that we could use it for sandwich bread and toast.

We forgot a few things yesterday. First, Jack called Mom and Dad yesterday morning (technically, two days ago but who's counting). He sounded great and said that they'd moved from tents to buildings and he has a bunk bed, or a "rack" as they say. Bunk bed does sound kind of wussy. He said that they had to shoot up a car that was speeding toward the checkpoint, but the guy had just been speeding and hadn't meant any harm. The guy was very grateful to have survived in one piece. Jack's been in a convoy escorting a colonel and is also working in an office. They have a little exchange the size of a small bedroom, so they can buy things. There is a great web service that we've been using to write him letters called Motomail. They supposedly get letters faster that way, because they print them locally and deliver them, but he hasn't gotten any of them yet.

The second thing we forgot yesterday is that we cut Gabriel's hair for the first necessary time. We'd already cut a piece off the back before to save, but this time he needed it. It was growing over his ears. Patty still wants to style it on the top, but there's no hurry for that since it looks good as it already is.

Lastly, we tried virtual babysitting yesterday. Mom K watched Gabriel play on the webcam while Patty tended to the bread for a few seconds in the kitchen. Of course, he was completely safe and secure anyway, but it was pretty funny.

Gabriel ate a new food today - avocados. He didn't turn his nose up at it, but he didn't wolf it down, either. When it comes to fruit, though, he'll still gobble up anything.

Tomorrow, we're going to St. Petersburg. It's going to be so nice to introduce Gabe-Luke to his great-grandparents. We're very excited about the trip. The weather is supposed to be questionable, but since we'll be there until Tuesday, we should be able to get some beach time in. The temperature is supposed to be right around 80°F all weekend. We bought tickets for Tigers vs. Astros in spring training at Joker Marchant Stadium in Lakeland, FL. We've always wanted to attend a spring training game, especially one of the Tigers', so this is going to be the perfect way to end our trip on Monday.

We might not be able to blog this weekend, but we'll try. Grandma and Grandpa have WebTV, so we can probably log on to our weblog and write a little. If we don't, we should be back in business on Tuesday.