Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today was a day of celebration.  First, Chip and I went to Christopher's party at DAC Kids, an indoor play place.  Matthew was sick at home with a cold.  He overdid it yesterday with our Big City excursion, so he needed to get some more rest.  There were lots of friends there, so we all had a great time.

Later, we celebrated Dad's/Papa's birthday.  By now, Matt was feeling just good enough to get out and have some dinner.  We started by meeting Mom and Dad, and Jack, Jen, and Jackson at our favorite barbeque restaurant, Jim 'N Nick's.  Most of us ordered giant potatoes called Pig in the Potato Patch (example here),  and most of us had a tasty beverage or two.  Afterwards, we went back to my Mom's and Dad's house for dessert and three games of Euchre.  Jack and I tried to let Matt and Dad win, but it was just impossible for us to lose!  The only thing we can say to make Dad feel better is that Euchre ability must be genetic.  Actually, he usually wins, so this was a rarity.

So although Dad's birthday is tomorrow, we want to start the recognition early.  He is a unique and wonderful person who always makes sure his family is loved, and we wish him the happiest birthday ever!  Happy birthday, Dad!